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Better Understanding +
Better Communication =
Better Decisions

What if you could see your data floating above a conference room table, and you can interact with every detail, collaborating with colleagues whether in person or remote to make great data-driven decisions?
Better Understanding
Artificial Intelligence + 3D Data Visualization is a powerful combination that supercharges your ability to visually decipher and investigate data.
Better Communication
Supercharge a conversation by experiencing interactive data visualizations called ‘Flows’ in the same space. Ideal for boardrooms to classrooms, customer innovation labs to sales & marketing meetings, experts and neophytes can experience data in practical day-to-day usage.
  • Revive office collaboration by stepping inside your data and rediscovering the joy of in-person collaboration.

  • Influence and persuade audiences with step-by-step data stories and the credibility inherent in detailed data exploration.
Products & Services
Flow data stories provide a sense of mastery and control over your data.
Present & Collaborate
around interactive data visualizations with a shared sense of presence in Augmented and Virtual Reality.
Share & Distribute
a stand-alone AI-enhanced link, embed a Flow in a web page as an iFrame, or a recorded AR video.
Study & Build
with our web-based, no-code editor to import, transform, visualize, host meetings around data. If you need help Certified Flow Designers, or Flow staff can offer Flow build services.
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Services & Support
We partner with you to implement Flow for your organization. We understand that without an end-to-end easy-to-use Enterprise workflows, none of our other innovations will matter.
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