The AR Data Room

The Flow Augmented Reality (AR) Data Room is an AI-enhanced product offering resulting from the collaboration between headset manufacturers and Flow Immersive to transform how people collaborate and communicate with data. The AR Data Room uses the best-in-class AR hardware combined with best-in-class collaborative 3D data visualization software. This combination has the power to transform the effectiveness of in-person and remote meetings that involve data.

The future of work & a reason to gather

Hardware and Software Co-presence Bundle
The Flow AR Data Room consists of a bundle of headsets, Flow licenses, and implementation services to help organizations effortlessly collaborate around data with headsets. The headsets are tied to a physical room and make the process of entering an immersive Flow collaboration environment straightforward and simple.

  • Spatial Data Visualization - Our AR technology enhances understanding, recall, and communication of complex data sets, transforming how users engage with information.

  • Ease of Use - A tailored bundle that ties headsets to a physical room with a QR code mat, users can effortlessly immerse themselves in the visualization and focus on the content as opposed to the technical setup. Put on a headset and see anchored, interactive data visualizations that are relevant, interactive, and impactful.

  • Enhanced Presence - AR provides the superpower of seeing other participants around you (plus Avatars for remote users), in the space. This matters in building strong relationships and fostering connections. More meaningful, and memorable.

  • Artificial Intelligence - AI enhances both the ability to create and explain data visualizations. Enterprise reference documentation can be referenced such that users can ask questions about selected data points. Additionally, data visualizations can be altered and created on-the-fly during live meetings.
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