Flow Editor

The Flow Editor is the web-based, no-code tool to create Flows, whether for use in headset in an AR data room, for an AR video, or an educational AI data experience.

The Editor screen is organized into steps (think: slides), and each of which contains a Swarm (think: dots in space representing data). The Swarm has components, like Labels, Connections, and Legends.

Data can be sourced from CSV files, Google Sheets, or the Flow Push Dataset API. See our Magic help to get more information on all of these and much more about the Editor and about Flow.

Web-based, no-code tool to create Flows

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Training and our Certified Flow Designers
We offer training packages to learn the Flow Editor and learn how to create AR videos, and host collaborative meetings. Public trainings are offered weekly as well for users.

Our Certified Flow Designers have been vetted and are able to build Flows for you. Reach out directly from the CFD page.

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