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Hao Zhai
Hao Zhai is the Technology Director and IB Design teacher at the International School of Tianjin. He has 25 years of technical and leadership experience in FinTech, Telecom, Enterprise Software, and EdTech. Hao is passionately dedicated to empowering lifelong learners to pursue meaning, seek autonomy, and achieve mastery via student-centered, inquiry-based learning experiences powered by immersive technologies.

International School of Tianjin is a vibrant, diverse community where experiential learning powered by immersive technologies is empowering students to pursue meaning, seek autonomy, and achieve mastery.

Education, teaching an entire class Flow
Lisa Quigley
Lisa is an experienced marketing specialist with a passion for innovation and a desire to make a difference in her workplace and community. She utilizes storytelling and data to engage her audience and elevate health and wellness brands, products, and services.

When asked why she chose this data set Lisa said, "I want people to remember that you can learn a lot more when you aggregate data over a period of time versus looking at it daily. I thought I was doing pretty well in the sleep department, but looking at this data, I realized there are still plenty of improvements I can make. Interacting with my Oura Ring data, I honed in on monthly and weekly trends and can prioritize the adjustment I make."
Storytelling, personal health data
Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis is a Consulting and Design Intern at Get Real. In this role, Nathan assists with digital design initiatives and consults clients with their technical desires and event planning needs in the Metaverse.

Prior to this role, Nathan was a Data Visualization Intern for Get Real where he began his work in Flow Immersive and earned one of the first ever Certified Flow Designer certifications. Nathan is the author of the first ever publicly posted Flow from a 3rd party developer ‘Language and its Origin’. Nathan is passionate about creating Flows that continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on the platform.

Nathan is a Junior at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a minor in Political Science. At the University of Michigan, Nathan is a member of a consulting club that helps non-profit organizations. Outside of work, Nathan enjoys travel, playing in Michigan’s poker club, and exploring other cultures and histories.

The Metaverse, XR at work, and GetRealXR
Henry Deane
Previously employed as a Certified Pharmacy Technician, Henry decided it was time for a career change during the pandemic. As someone who has always enjoyed working with spreadsheets and problem solving, he decided to join a Data Analytics boot camp through the University of Oregon.

“I absolutely fell in love with everything about data, so much so that I returned to that same boot camp as a Teaching Assistant. I'm always looking for more tools and information to help us understand the universe around us."

Henry built an awesome Exoplanet Flow showing just one of the creative ways that Flow can be used... to explain planets in space!
Space, Data Transformation, Data Science
Allan Dalton
After earning his bachelor's in Information Systems and Business Analytics, Allan has been working as an Analyst for a healthcare software company over the last 3+ years. Abundantly clear through this awesome Flow he built is his passion for storytelling with data.

"As short-form content continues to grow in popularity on social media, I think Flow's ability to display facts and figures in AR will be a valuable asset for any content creator looking to further drive engagement with their audience."

When asked what he wants other to takeaway from this Flow Allan said, "As Airbnb continues to grow in popularity, potential stakeholders should be aware of and monitor the possible impacts this increase in listing density could have on the neighborhoods contained within their cities. Despite the company's original intention to be used as a home-sharing platform to "rent out spare rooms", entire homes are increasingly being listed by professional hosts with entire portfolios of houses which could be impacting the availability of long-term rentals and homeownership for underprivileged communities."

Maps, Data Transformation, Storytelling
Martin Bonny
After coming across the Certified Flow Designer program, Martin knew he had found the right opportunity to explore his passion for data and visual learning. His skills became abundantly clear after presenting a Flow on Lionel Messi after just one training session. He continued to iterate on that Flow and in has been viewed over 2.5M times.

When asked why he chose this data set Martin said, "I’m Argentinian and Swiss and was fortunate to see the rise of Messi from his early days. I’m also a Barcelona Fan and enjoyed seeing him play and do his magic. It’s when I thought about showing the physical goals and showing where he scored most of his goals. It’s something you can do on a screen but takes another dimension when you are able to overlay your data in a “real” life context. The dream would be to be able to record the presentation in Camp Nou with Messi scoring a live goal!!"
Sports, Data Transformation, AR videos
Tyler Ackerman
Tyler Ackerman has been a Creative Design Intern at Get Real since 2020. At Get Real, Tyler works on a variety of creative technology projects that link to The Metaverse including 3D data visualization creation, Metaverse space creation, and assists the Marketing team with video editing. Tyler is a Junior at Depaul University in Chicago where he is studying Game Design.

Ever since the tail end of 2020, Tyler has been honing his skills with data visualization. He loves how it requires a creative balance between eye-catching artistry and meaningful substance. Two facets that Flow deliver on beautifully.

When not working or studying, Tyler can be found working on creative endeavors like making movies with friends and creating his own video games.
Finance, AR Videos, and GetRealXR
Dr. Alfa Diallo
Alfa Diallo, MD, MPH, FACEP is a board certified emergency medicine physician interested in using data visualization to help illustrate clinical operations and find opportunities to improve healthcare delivery. He received his higher education at the University of Virginia and Johns Hopkins.

After receiving his doctorate in 2004 he has developed various models to help integrate data visualizations with healthcare and is excited to advance these interests using Flow's platform while expanding AR/VR applications within healthcare.

Alfa speaks four languages and when not working travels extensively, is an avid woodworker and enjoys producing videos.
Healthcare, Public Health, Effective Communication in Healthcare
Julian Boledi
Julian Boledi is a Graphic Designer currently living in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Since 2005, he has had professional experience spanning many agencies including entertainment, marketing, research and trends. For the past 5 years he has been running his own enterprise, to work with companies that focus on social businesses and UN's Sustainable Development Goals, developing ways to solve their design and visualization needs.

When asked what one takeaway he wants everyone to remember, Julian said "I want people to know that we can look at data as a new type of mirror, get insights about ourselves and take action in our lives."

"My capstone project was meant to be a way to experience and explore my own data to create visualizations that can aid in making future choices supported by a better understanding of myself. This story is an example of the transformative power of analyzing yourself and the world around you with data that you can personally relate to.”

Julian’s interests are those of one who considers themselves to have a curious mind; music, philosophy, natural sciences, 3D AR/VR experiences, the Human existence and any other mind-bending topics.

Mental Health, Philosophy, Design, Natural Sciences