Flow for VIVE XR Elite

Go beyond 2D images in the conference room with immersive data using the VIVE XR Elite. Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and make informed, data-driven decisions remotely or in person, floating visualizations above the conference room table. All meeting participants become engaged in the experience, transforming how you understand and utilize your data.

Advantages of HTC VIVE

HTC VIVE is the first mover of secure, end-to-end XR solutions for government, healthcare, finance, energy, and enterprise deployments. It features mixed-reality and virtual-reality headsets, portable 5G capabilities, and software to remotely and safely manage digital content and devices.

Seamlessly collaborate internally and across departments to foster stronger team relationships, share intelligence, and make critical, global decisions in real-time.

Privacy and security
Not all security measures are equal. HTC VIVE's data privacy and security advancements protect users when it matters most. Be confident when immersed in XR experiences that require high degrees of security, including 3D data modeling, design and visualization of IP, and more. VIVE headsets are 889 compliant and manufactured in TAA-approved regions, and VIVE hardware has experience with achieving ATO from multiple organizations.
Coming Soon: Native performance and Ready Player Me Avatars
Flow Immersive turns ineffective communications about data into interactive 3D data visualizations and stories.

Think of a Flow as a document that can be performed either in a browser or in an installed application for HTC VIVE devices.

The advantages of the Native app are:
  • Inclusion of Ready Player Me avatars for meetings

  • Ability to record and experience pre-recorded Avatar Stories, where the presenter saves a walk-through of the steps and interactions.

  • Best-in-class security
Use cases
The HTC VIVE native app is ideal for the AR Data Room, where users are together in mixed reality or join remotely using a PC or smartphone from the browser.

The app is perfect for kiosk auto-boot applications, automatically initiating Flow and allowing users to quickly join their colleagues in a data VR/MR experience with a meeting ID.

Remote, hybrid co-presence meetings
Building with AI
The fusion of AI and AR/MR empowers us to unlock greater potential of our cognitive abilities, enabling us to solve complex problems, make informed decisions, and share with colleagues.

Flow applies six meaningful functions in our AR/MR + AI data visualization platform:
To learn more, please read this AR Insider article written by our founder Jason Marsh, and contact us below!
  1. Spoken commands simplify the user interface
  2. The LLM explains and provides context that goes beyond the data
  3. Create and manipulate visualizations
  4. User-uploaded PDF documents ensure expert content-specific accuracy
  5. Manipulate the underlying data through AI-generated Python scripts
  6. “What should I notice about my data?” identifies trends & outliers, correlations, and insights
Access Flow on VIVE headsets
The Flow for HTC VIVE app will be available soon. To request access to the Beta APK, please contact us.
Flow is currently available as a web-based application on VIVE devices at a.flow.gl.
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